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Operation & Maintenance of STP/ETP/utility

Operation & Maintenance of STP/ETP/utility

With depleting drinking water resources and environmental deterioration of clean water sources, the conservation and re-use of waste water like sewage and effluent, play important role in water conservation. ETPL provides specialized Operation and Maintenance ETP, STP,DM plant and utility. We offer maximum recovery of clean water for usage after secondary and tertiary treatments of waste and polluted water.

We have emerged as the top most firm offering O&M of ETP/STP and utility services and gained good reputation in entire India. Our services carry out proficient management of the utilities of a plant. Services that we provide are known for its quality and timely provision to them. All these services strictly abide by the industrial quality standards, we use best quality of raw materials. These services have very high demand among the industries, we offer them at competitive price with a guarantee of satisfaction.

We have a strong team of skilled chemist operators & technicians for day to day operation & maintenance of ETP & STP. The team has relevant experience to operate ETP/STP/DM plant having Capacity from 10 KLD to 50 MLD.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

ETPL provides a wide range of effluent treatment plant project services on turnkey basis. Our company uses innovative design and techniques for treating complex effluents that have higher level of toxicity due to presence of heavy metals, phenols, solvents, HC,COD,BOD, arsenic, etc. The treatment provided is user-friendly that have basis on physcio-chemical and biological oxidation resourced for effective treatment of waste water from industries dealing in chemical, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, fermentation and phosphate. Industries that already have an ETP set-up but not receiving the expected results, we offer them consultancy and modification of existing plant to achieve desired results and thereby reducing the operational cost.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

We provide Conventional & Packaged Sewage Treatment plants (STP) on turnkey basis. These set-ups are very high in demand, as they are targeted towards treatment of sewage water thrown out by residences, offices, hotels, etc. Process involves collection, basic treatment, biological treatment and final treatment of the sewage water to make it fit for re-use. With booming population of India especially in urban areas these plants have become a necessity for treatment of sewage water and address water scarcity problem. STP is designed by us on proved and tested aeration technology that have basis on either suspended or attached growth. We suggest and select the technology according to the capacity of the plant, operating staff employed and investment budget of the clients.

Operation and Maintenance activities for Utility services

  • Regular check-up of water pumps and motors
  • Greasing and oiling of water pumps
  • Cleaning the pipeline with suction and delivery
  • Quality control is practiced for STP and ETP
  • Check the treated effluent/SEWAGE
  • Preparing solution and cleaning of ACF and MGF
  • Check gland packing leakages after the treatment of water and effluent pumps
  • Mixing of chemical solution in reaction tank
  • Check all parameters for smooth functioning of STP/ETP and take required corrective measures if encountered with any wear and tear.
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