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Environment Audit

Several organizations have environmental sustainability as main part of their CSR policy. This is something which should be done by all organizations which eventually opens new horizons of development and saves on money.

ETPLs environmental audit services takes the multi-tiered approach that depends on the depth and degree of assessment needed from the perspective of environmental considerations within the limits of social audit towards environmental audit. It is conducted by one of our experienced and trained environmental auditors.

Benefits of Environmental Audit

  • Manages nearly all types of environmental risks.
  • Shows that you are concerned about mother earth and its environment.
  • Fulfill definite statutory reporting essentials set by the government.
  • Display that you have meet all required environmental policy regulations.
  • Creates better understanding of process involving environmental performance and leads to monetary profits

ETPL is enlisted as an Environmental auditor with Gujarat Pollution control board (GPCB), which is as per revised auditscheme needs to be audited every year. Last date for submission of Environment Audit report is 30th June Every Year.

ETPL’s Competitive Edge

We consist professional team of experienced and certified Environmental auditors that know their job well to the core and conduct every audit with perfection. Prices of environmental audits have been kept highly competitive without any compromise on quality quotient.

Benefits from us

ETPLs environmental audit and certification services offer a reliable and trusted third-party verification of green initiatives taken by your organization. Our environment auditors offer help at every stage to lower the energy consumption and minimize use of raw materials, reduce pollution and waste disposal, also lessen risks of industrial accidents or emergency situations. Our services would make your organization greener, efficient and more productive.

If you are going to have an inspection recently and need action plan urgently, we advice short as well as long-term solutions that would bring your business on track very soon. Some services required to meet current and future environment audit standards are record keeping, training the workforce and reporting about the processes.

Our Range of Environment Audit services

  • Environment audit
  • Social audit
  • Water & wastewater audit
  • EMS gap analysis
  • Ecological Audit
  • Safety Audit
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Independent 3rd party Environmental audits

Our Objective

Our main objective behind offering environmental auditing assistance is, enable our clients reduce their organization’s carbon footprint and minimize adverse effects imbibed on environment so that the cost goes on a lower side. And also show them ways, as to how they can save money in long-term by applying environment friendly technologies.

ETPLs environmental auditors carry out complete range of auditing services that can be focused on single audits like waste minimization, air emission to multiple audits like management system audits and multi-media compliance. We have an ever-growing list of clients from multiple industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, petroleum, oil & gas, cement, power plant, steel plant, CETP, TSDF Site, textile sector and many more.

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